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Pomeroy 54, Dayton 30

Game Capsule | What happened: Jace Gwinn tallied 18 points, and visiting Pomeroy surged in the third

Dayton 62, Oakesdale 54

Game Capsule | Tanner Bren scored 30 points and visiting Dayton beat Oakesdale 62-54 on Friday. Kieron Anderson had

Dayton 46, Oakesdale 38

Game Capsule | What happened: Teammates Jenna Phillips and Shayla Currin scored 18 and 16 points respe

Dayton def. Oakesdale

Game Capsule | What happened: Neck and neck throughout, Jacey. Johnson and Lindsey Lindgren did a lot

St. George's 11, Dayton 0

Game Capsule | What happened: Mitchell Ward scored 6 goals in the first half and St. George’s (9-4, 3

Davenport def. Dayton

Game Capsule | Davenport narrowly avoids a Dayton comeback after winning the first two sets by winning the final se

Priest River 3, Dayton 2

Game Capsule | What’s next: Oct 04, Priest River vs. Bonners Ferry Oct 15, Northwest Christian vs.

DeSales 4, Dayton 1

Game Capsule | DeSales beat Dayton 4-1 Tuesday in the 2B regional championship at Merkel Field. Madison Mings sco