Full schedules & scores

Calling all coaches: Please call

Allow me to be self-serving for a moment.

To the Washington and North Idaho coaches who faithfully call in their scores, you may disregard this item. To the coaches who have difficulty calling us, please read on.

Here at The Spokesman-Review it’s our desire to print the scores of every game each day. But there are a few things that can make our goal one that can’t be achieved.

First and foremost, we can’t write about your games unless you call. If the call won’t cost you any money, call us directly at 509-459-5500. Feel free to use our toll free number (1-800-789-0029, ext. 5500). We want to make this step in the process as easy as possible.

If you can’t get through on the first attempt, please try again. We have more than 70 schools in our circulation area and on any given night we can be taking football, volleyball, soccer and cross country calls.

When you call, please have as much statistical information available as possible. For football coaches, this means scoring by quarter, a breakdown of each score and first and last names for the athletes involved in the scoring.

It doesn’t help us much if you report that “No. 15 passed to No. 82 for a 42-yard touchdown” – unless, of course, we have rosters of the team in question.

In volleyball, we need not only the scores of each game but the leaders for kills, blocks, assists, digs and aces for both teams. Again telling us that “No. 8 had 10 kills” doesn’t help us much.

In soccer, we need the time a goal is scored along with the name of the scorer and names of those who assisted.

You get the picture. The more information you have, the more detailed we can be in our report.

And the first coaches who call have a better chance of getting more information in the newspaper the next day. The later you call, the less likely we can get many details in the report.

This is especially critical on Football Fridays. Our first deadline (attention Idaho coaches) is 10:45. Most games are over between 9:15 and 10. As soon as you shake hands with the opponent, get the boys into the locker room and have a postgame chat, please call. The sooner the better.

It was my bad

I’ve written more than once that Post Falls has qualified just one volleyball team to state in school history. But longtime Post Falls assistant coach Greg Cossette begs to differ – and for good reason. He sent me a friendly e-mail pointing out my error.

Post Falls qualified for state in 1984, when Sherie Patano, who went on to a long career as the Trojans’ athletic director, was coach.

Cossette has assisted five coaches at PF. He was around in ’84 when the Trojans took fourth at state.

Funny thing is I was around, too, and should have remembered. It was my first fall here and state was held in Sandpoint’s old gym.

Anybody have some extra ginseng?

•North Idaho’s biggest football teams – Sandpoint (2-0), Post Falls (1-0), Coeur d’Alene (1-0), Lewiston (1-0) and Moscow (2-0) – will be out to remain unbeaten Friday.

Coeur d’Alene plays host to Moses Lake (1-0), Post Falls travels to Cheney (0-1), Sandpoint entertains Middleton (1-0), Lewiston treks to Hermiston (1-0) and Moscow welcomes Pullman (0-1).