Full schedules & scores

Pick 6

I suspect that KHQ/SWX sports director Sam Adams fell victim to an infection last week.

It’s the same infection I contracted the first week of the season, and continued to be plagued by last week.

Nothing like a .500 week to show how painfully average you performed.

We’ll try to break out of the funk this week. I have a long way to go to bring my overall average above my career average of .700.

Thankfully we have eight more weeks in the regular season and the playoffs remaining.

Last week: Adams 3-3 (8-4 overall), Lee 3-3 (6-6).

North Central vs. Rogers

(Friday, Joe Albi Stadium, 5 p.m.)

Lee: NC 29-20. NC’s skill players trump Pirates’ run game.

Adams: NC 21-19. This might be the most tightly contested game in the area this week.

(Friday, 7 p.m.)

Lee: Lakeland 24-21. This is a toss-up. Two quality teams. Just a hunch.

Adams: Cheney 28-21. Hawks get a big test against a Cheney team that has scored 72 points in two wins.

(Friday, 7 p.m.)

Lee: Moscow 27-22. I love the subplot here – Moscow’s Akey (Jack) vs. Pullman’s Petrino (Mason).

Adams: Pullman 42-35. The Greyhounds have at times looked great and at times not.

(Friday, 7 p.m.)

Lee: Shadle 36-14. This was a shootout last year. It won’t be this time.

Adams: U-Hi 35-28. The Titans picked off Brett Rypien four times last year.

(Friday, 7 p.m.)

Lee: PF 30-18. Trojans get 2nd straight ‘W’.

Adams: EV 28-14. The Knights were held to 16 points last week, their lowest output since October, 2010. Something tells me this dynamic offense will bounce back.

(Friday, 7 p.m.)

Lee: Ferris 17-14. This will be a defensive knucklebuster.

Adams: Ferris 34-28. If Ferris can score a couple of quick touchdowns – and that could be a big “if” – I like its chances.