Full schedules & scores

Pick 6

I’m in full-fledge nosedive mode.

And it seems that Sam Adams has decided to join me for the ride.

I suffered a third straight 3-3 week and Adams did it for a second consecutive week. Boy do we need to pull out of the .500 doldrums.

Got any advice?

We’re climbing back on the horse and giving it another try.

Except for the Gonzaga Prep-Ferris game, we didn’t share with each other which teams we were picking last week. We disagreed on four – and G-Prep showed it plans on defending its league championship. We both had Ferris winning in a close game. We got the close game part right.

Last Week: Adams 3-3 (11-7 overall), Lee 3-3 (9-9)

Gonzaga Prep vs. Shadle Park

(Friday, Joe Albi Stadium, 5 p.m.)

Lee: G-Prep 33-21. Highlanders’ defense won’t be able to figure out who has the ball in the Bullpups’ deceptive offense.

Adams: G-Prep 38-28. Highlanders will get their yards, but the Bullpups will get more.

(Friday, 7 p.m.)

Lee: Sandpoint 27-23. The Bulldogs keep the momentum rolling.

Adams: Sandpoint 21-18. Sandpoint will protect home field and make it two wins in a row for its first winning streak this decade.

(Friday, 7 p.m.)

Lee: Cheney 27-19. I picked against the Blackhawks at home last week and I’ve learned my lesson.

Adams: Cheney 33-28. Blackhawks get a good run for their money from Greyhounds.

Freeman at Newport

(Friday, 7 p.m.)

Lee: Freeman 34-18. Have I told you I’m a HUGE Scotties fan? Beam me up Freeman.

Adams: Freeman 35-7. Freeman rolls to its fourth straight win.

(Friday, 7 p.m.)

Lee: LRS 28-7. This should be the Broncos’ most difficult league game.

Adams: LRS 42-21. The Broncos’ biggest test in league, and they will pass with flying colors.

Mead vs. Mt. Spokane

(Friday, Albi, 7:30 p.m.)

Lee: Mt. Spokane 24-21. Call this my upset special. The Wildcats will serve up a healthy dose of Stiles and Hyatt.

Adams: Mead 28-24. It’s the Battle of the Bell and this one will be everything as advertised. My heart tells me Mt. Spokane wins this game. My head tells me Mead.