Full schedules & scores
Opponent Result Score
Total Record: 18-8
Gonzaga Prep W 48-36
East Valley W 74-48
Shadle Park W 64-43
Lincoln W 53-33
Central Valley W 56-49
West Valley L 62-57
Clarkston W 67-48
North Central W 49-43
Lewis and Clark L 44-38
Mead L 61-34
Mt. Spokane L 54-35
Rogers W 90-40
University W 62-51
Cheney W 62-50
Lewis and Clark W 49-40
Mead L 64-49
Mt. Spokane L 49-40
Rogers W 85-36
Cheney W 67-40
University W 48-34
Gonzaga Prep W 66-57
Shadle Park W 71-49
Mt. Spokane W 44-43
Davis W 76-53
Mead L 53-34
Pasco L 48-45*
*After Season is over, Pasco forfeits game due to ineligible player

*Indicates game that was part of an invitational tournament, exhibition or jamboree and are not tabulated in the team's record.

Season all-stars

Name Grade Award
Curran Hart Senior Second Team
Adam Seaburg Senior First Team